Leverage Maps on Mobile Devices for Social Impact

Currently, users of Maps within iPhones or Android devices can only find businesses that are traditional and mostly outdated models of selling services or products. All maps need to be leveraged with an overlay or "mode" to allow users to find social impact causes and non-traditional models of "business" near them. If people can't find it, they can't support it and change will be slow.
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In the US there are over 260 million smartphone users. In line with the overall growth of the smartphone market worldwide, the smartphone penetration rate in the United States has continuously risen over the past ten to fifteen years to more than 80 percent today. (Statista 2021).

The private sector is successfully leveraging the maps included in these mobile devices to list restaurants, hotels, shops and a myriad of useful information.

But social enterprises and nonprofits offering critical services such as shelter for the homeless, food banks and pantries, health clinics for those in need, job fairs, and more, are not aggregated by these maps. There are many isolated attempts to create a niche visualization of social services but those are not getting traction and get lost in a sea of 'apps' or websites that do not rank high in search engine optimization.

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