Mapping hidden urban oases across the country

Privately Owned Public Open Spaces are common in several cities, but are often underutilized as they can be hard to locate. This is a shame since many of these POPOS are hidden gems that could attract tourism for the city.
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Boosting tourism can also boost a community's economy. Many local oases go unnoticed due to poorly marked paths, non existent marketing, etc. These Privately Owned Public Open Spaces could attract more tourism, and bare minimum could be better enjoyed by the communities that host them.

Ideas Description

Geolocation The SF POPOS site came from a hackathon devoted to how technology could draw attention to the host of hidden urban oases scattered across central San Francisco: 70 semi-secret spaces called POPOS (Privately Owned Public Open Spaces). These areas are often poorly signposted and as a result, under-frequented, so the team developed a downloadable online map to pinpoint their locations. This was then used in the San Francisco Planning Department's programme, and became a component in a wider awareness-raising campaign.

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