Supporting homeless people together

Instead of ushering homeless people move along orders that cause more damage than good, why not have a way to readily supply them with resources available to them in the area?
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In many communities there are many resources available for the homeless population, and yet homeless individuals are met with disdain and hatred instead of compassion. Showing them the resources available to them can get them the help they need, maybe when they need it most. Many nonprofits who help the homeless are unable to take advantage of the digital benefits technology provides. By getting them to digitalize and modernize their platforms, they can do greater good.

Ideas Description

Street Support is a central digital hub, uniting all the charities and voluntary groups that support homeless people in Manchester with all those who'd like to help. It s a collective of digital experts, working closely alongside the homeless and the organizations that support them. They use research, user-centered design and creative technology to build online tools that make it easier for people experiencing homelessness to get the help they need.

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