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The internet is a vast space of knowledge and information. We use it for shopping, school, work, and pastime. But with great power comes great responsibility. Cyber security has never been more precarious or more important.
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Many websites – if not most websites – include third-party advertising or tracking scripts. If two different websites use the same advertising or tracking network, your browsing history across both sites could be tracked and linked. They use this information to target ads and promotions specific to your search history. In many cases this is unavoidable, but knowledge is power. Knowing who is tracking you by asking for transparency on websites about third party monitoring can help you understand the landscape of cybersecurity and how your information is being used.

Ideas Description

Ghostery is a free app that shows you which companies are tracking your activity when you visit a website. It lets you learn more about those companies and the kinds of data they collect and gives you the opportunity to block them from collecting data about you. There are currently over 20 million people using Ghostery, worldwide, making it one of the web's most used privacy tools.

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