Improving Volunteering Across the Board

Community service is not political doesn't have to be mandated by the state. It is something that comes from deep within our core values. Helping others can be as simple as washing dishes at your local shelter or delivering a meal to an elderly shut in. Can you imagine the impact on our country if just another 10 percent of our friends and neighbors decided to volunteer for a worthy cause?
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Volunteering engages you in your community. By encouraging this behavior in young people, we can ensure a brighter future. According to the Corporation for National Community Service, 25.3 percent of Americans volunteer, which is 62.8 million volunteers. They average 32.1 volunteer hours per person, per year, which comes to 7.9 billion hours of service, the equivalent of $184 billion. In addition, 50.5 percent of Americans donate $25 or more to charity annually. However, there is a huge disparity in volunteer rates from state to state and cause to cause. By connecting volunteering to education we can engage more people at a younger, and get them invested in their communities from the beginning.

Ideas Description

WorkHero is a UK social enterprise that aims to transform the appeal of volunteering, making it essential to the university experience, and improving students’ employability. Its goal is to foster behavior change and to engage students in their communities.

Incorporated in March 2013, WorkHero Ltd has already won two national competitions: Big Issue Invest’s Tech for Good Challenge and the Big Venture Challenge from UnLtd

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