Black Communities Need More Neighborhood Businesses

Without neighborhood businesses and local hiring, community and household wealth cannot grow in a self-sustaining way and contribute to the overall population and household wealth. Historically, there is a lack of participation in traditional financial institutions in Black communities.
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Economic resiliency and wealth in Black communities need to come from exchanges of goods and services outside of traditional financial structures, including cooperatives, micro lending, and neighborhood-focused money lending, credit unions and community benefits agreements.

Ideally, money comes from and circulates through the community, creating a self-sustained and closed-loop financial system that prioritizes local markets.

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  • Everyone within a sustainable square mile should have access to a job.

  • A funding framework should ensure equitable distribution of available funds for projects to encourage sustainable practices to reduce the cost of living.

  • New housing requirements should include incentives for renters, landlords and owners to invest in new development to build wealth and ownership.

  • Tools to mitigate displacement should include measures to preserve existing housing, reduce cost of housing production, and leverage market rates.

  • At least 20% of community members should be employed within the community.

  • Multilingual education programs should be created to inform residents about how to enroll in health insurance, home/rental insurance, early childhood education, adult and continuing education, and low-income assistance programs.

  • There should be support for programs that lower the price of providing basic needs for low-income households.

  • There should be support for local hiring for development projects, living wages based on the MIT living wage calculator, and community workers’ benefits agreements.

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