Rewarding environmentally responsible behavior

Engaging everyday citizens in environmentally responsible behavior can help reduce carbon emissions, protect and preserve our water by lessening consumption, and much more. If there was a way to track and reward conscious efforts to maintain and recover our environment, more people may see reasons to implement healthy practices in their everyday lives.
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Quantifying efforts to reduce environmental harm and encourage healing can engage people world wide in saving our planet. Efforts to create sustainable communities and responsibly consume should be recognized and duplicated. Even simple changes should be seen as meaningful, including biking instead of driving, eating seasonally and locally, reducing water consumption, etc.

Ideas Description

Social Software On the Recyclebank site, you can earn 'points' by following one of a number of 'Green Actions', from shopping locally to how to buy a Christmas tree. These points can then be used for discounts in the online store and other deals in the neighbourhood, or they can be donated to a 'Green Schools' programme. With more than 4 million users in its community, Recyclebank has built a substantial audience where many others have failed.

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