African American households have less access to renewable energy

Energy consumption and costs affect all households and communities, yet studies show that communities of color are more likely to have poor energy infrastructure and less access to affordable and renewable energy sources. African American households and communities experience a median energy burden 64 percent greater than white households.
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To add to this disparity, increases in energy prices have led to 70 to 80 percent of recent recessions: The increase in unemployment of African Americans during energy-caused recessions is twice of that of non-Hispanic whites, which translates to an average 1 percent drop in annual income.

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To solve this problem, it is essential that African American communities reduce their dependence on energy and the traditional energy structure. Keeping energy production within the neighborhood allows residents to own and have a financial stake in their energy infrastructure. The total economic value to the community of locally owned projects is 50 to 240 percent greater than non-local ownership. This approach provides local jobs and wealth for the community and the state

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