Yotta - A Revolutionary Approach to Solar and Storage

We’re creating more opportunities to deploy solar by engineered a radically streamlined, end-to-end solar and storage solution that can grow with your future power needs.


  • Our commercial products and software create the most reliable and easiest to deploy energy storage system for solar self-consumption.
  • Yotta's unique integrated software plus hardware solution make it well suited for both new or retrofit on existing solar PV installations.
  • Its scalability is effective for small PV rooftop installations as well as large-scale solar deployments.
  • Yotta's technology features advanced thermal management to maintain an optimal working temperature even under extreme outdoor conditions.

Main Features

  • We’ve pioneered a decentralized approach to deploying solar & storage systems that scale to meet energy demands in the built environment.
  • We’ve engineered a solution for harnessing the sun’s energy safely and efficiently by adding battery storage to PV system.
  • Our software platform enables the aggregate system to address various needs for energy control and resiliency.

Primary Audience

  • Alternative Energy Industry
  • Environment Agencies
  • Solar Industry