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Neurio Appliance Monitoring Analytics for Improved Energy Usage

Appliance monitoring or energy disaggregation is the science that itemizes consumers' whole house energy data into individual appliances. Using the granular data that comes from our meter, our proprietary algorithms detect and extract individual appliance data we call signatures from the home's overall energy consumption and convert it into meaningful insights.


  • Turn insight into action: Provides tailored energy efficiency recommendations that homeowners can easily take action on.
  • Increase engagement: Homeowners using load monitoring analytics have much higher engagement levels than those that don’t
  • Essential for tomorrow’s grid: Load knowledge plays an important role in adding storage to a home

Main Features

  • Auto detection of top loads: Our load monitoring analytics require no training and will automatically identify the key loads within a home.
  • Usage stats: Detail views on how and when appliances are used within a home and how much energy they consume.
  • API Ready: Through our public API you can seamlessly incorporate Neurio’s appliance data into your systems.

Primary Audience

  • Homeowners
  • Energy providers
  • Energy efficiency consultancies
  • Cities & governments