FactoryFix - Connecting Manufactures with Vetted Skilled Professionals

Skilled talent has never been tougher to find. Stagnating wages have driven workers to other industries, while the rise of automation is driving more jobs to be highly skilled. We’re building the industry’s largest marketplace, connecting skilled professionals with opportunities to earn more while developing their skills and manufacturers with the right people to get the job done.


  • We source jobs from hundreds of job boards so you can spend less time scrolling through jobs.
  • We highlight the pay rate so that you can focus your attention on jobs that will actually pay the bills.
  • We utilize technology to make the recruitment experience smarter, faster, and cheaper.
  • Our team is here to ensure that you are finding jobs that match your skills and experience.

Main Features

  • Our industry-specific expertise enables us to best understand the problems facing skilled workers and manufacturers today and in the future.
  • We have the industry’s largest network of top skilled labor and elite manufacturers, each with robust profiles specific to manufacturing.
  • Whatever you do, we've got you covered: Assemblers, General Laborers, Welders, Machine Operators, Material Handlers, Process Techs & More!

Primary Audience

  • Manufacturing & Labor Industry
  • Recruitment and HR Programs