Blue Canoe - App to speak English clearly and confidently

Blue Canoe uses brain science and a virtual AI teacher to help you learn the sounds and rhythm of English in a revolutionary way. Blue Canoe partners with schools, English language training companies, and corporations to help their students and employees benefit from the power of clear spoken English.


  • Speak more clearly and be understood, learn while playing games.
  • Get feedback anytime, anywhere, and track your progress.
  • Build Confidence and move ahead in your career.
  • Develop your workforce.
  • Help immigrants to build confidence and get decent work and achieve economic mobility and growth.

Main Features

  • Anchored on Science: The Color Vowel® System is a proven, revolutionary method to improve spoken English
  • Uses brain science to activate the parts of the brain that are still open to learning new language sounds, with images, music, and more

Primary Audience

  • Organizations that support immigrants or work on immigration issues.
  • K-12 Schools, Community Colleges and Universities.
  • English language training companies.
  • Corporate Programs to Help with Workforce Development.