UPchieve Free Tutoring Service

Every student deserves the opportunity to attend college and achieve upward mobility. We connect low-income youth with live academic support to help them on their path to achieving upward mobility. To start with, we’re focused on providing free math tutoring to high school students, because math skills are essential to finishing high school and pursuing any kind of postsecondary certification.


  • Helps companies meet employee volunteer engagement goals
  • Provides volunteer impact reports
  • Free access to low income students
  • Direct partnership with schools and nonprofits to reach low income students

Main Features

  • On-demand platform to help students with homework, test prep, or college applications
  • Expedited onboarding: reduces the application process from days to minutes
  • Matching priority: employees receive extra opportunities to work with students on their schedule
  • Storytelling: we’ll share narratives and messages from students that show the impact your volunteers are having
  • Outreach support: we’ll help you spread the word through webinars, events, marketing collaterals and more

Primary Audience

  • Secondary schools
  • Nonprofit youth organizations
  • Low income high school students