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MySideKick powered by e2m is a next-gen mobile application that empowers college students to combat sexual violence on their campus - speaking directly to digital natives in their own language. Based on our proprietary research, we discovered 4 reasons why sexual violence is not properly being addressed on college campuses and created 7 powerful components to address and remedy these issues.


  • Always Know What is Going on Around You and Plan Your Route Accordingly with Our Real-Time Map & Alerting System
  • Never Lose Track of Your Friends Again; Always Know Where the Parties Are, Visually Identify Who the Party Monitors Are
  • Instant Communication with Party Monitors with Private Chat; Relatable Edu Modules that Address the Issues College Students Care About
  • Keep Keep Your Anonymity Intact by Directly Connecting with a Confidential Advocate
  • Quickly Get The Right Information When an Emergency Situation Arises. Know Exactly What to Do When Sexual Violence Occur

Main Features

  • Hazard reporting and alerts on a map in real-time (think Waze for a college campus)
  • A more customizable version of iOS Find My Friends; Visual verification of parties with party monitors present and private chat capabilities
  • On-demand visual education modules
  • Visual emergency guides based on the student’s location and school to easily navigate their options including while studying abroad,
  • Opposed to digging through their school website or relying on Google

Primary Audience

  • College Students
  • Gen Z
  • Higher Education Institutions