Ejenta - Intelligent Agents for Connected Care

Ejenta is building an AI platform for the Internet of Things. We're using NASA AI technology, with intelligent software agents that can learn about health, predict user behavior and take autonomous action. Our customers, who include some of the largest health providers and insurers in the country, use our platform and APIs to build intelligent and highly personalized applications.


  • Ejenta uses a Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular connection to transmit health measurements to the custom smartphone monitoring app.
  • Ejenta integrates chart notes, clinical records, lab results, etc. to create a comprehensive medical history that will reduce false alarms.
  • Users can interact with their own personal agents via mobile devices, natural language and chat interfaces.
  • The ongoing flow of information replaces an office visit with a phone call or video visit to discuss recent vital signs.

Main Features

  • Ejenta's platform is based on exclusively licensed NASA technology and 20 years of research in intelligent agents and security.
  • Ejenta integrates wearable and environmental sensors that gather real time behavior data, with a team of intelligent agents in the cloud.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Government Agencies
  • Insurance Industry