EyeGage - Decreasing Impaired Driving and Improving Road Safety

Our mission is to decrease impaired driving and improve overall road safety by enabling drivers to easily assess drug/alcohol levels before getting behind the wheel.


  • EyeGage is able to categorize substances as alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines, opiates & benzodiazepines.
  • Realize time and cost savings by introducing an app that is quick, reliable, and easy to implement.
  • Create safer work environments by using reliable technology to decrease accidents and improve risk management.

Main Features

  • EyeGage is an app that can quickly & accurately determine drug & alcohol levels by using computer vision to analyze eye characteristics.
  • EyeGage is developing drug screening tech to assist law enforcement, transportation, and other companies prevent fatal accidents.

Primary Audience

  • Law Enforcement
  • Construction Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Insurance Industry
  • General Public