We know that when it comes to sex, relationships, identity and more, googling things doesn’t always work and sometimes you just can’t ask your friends. On Okayso, you can chat with people you can trust to get the support and information you need, whenever you need it. We’re here for you, for free.


  • Okayso gives you access to experts you can’t reach any other way to get support and information whenever you need it.

Main Features

  • As soon as possible, an expert will respond. Sometimes multiple experts will respond if they have something to add to the conversation.
  • Depending on what you asked about, an expert might follow up with you later to see how things are going
  • Every expert is vetted by staff to make sure you’re talking to people who want to help you get the support you need.
  • Type in your question and hit send.

Primary Audience

  • Individuals in need of advice
  • Healthcare Providers