TherapistAssist™ - Reinventing How Physicians Treat Sleep Apnea

When it comes to managing obstructive sleep apnea, “the way we have always done it” just doesn’t work anymore. The old process is expensive, labor intensive and produces inconsistent results for providers and the patient’s they serve. The sovaSage software product was designed specifically for durable medical equipment providers. The result is an unequaled product in treatment of sleep apnea.


  • Our software provides incredibly efficient workflow for the DME and for the therapist.
  • TherapistAssist™ software is so intuitive that the patient requires almost no prior introduction.
  • No Manufacturer Bias: the mask that provides the best outcomes for a particular type of patient is what is recommended.
  • Easy to Use: Our patient application, branded for you, is incredibly easy to use and works with any smart phone.
  • Optimized Outcome: Our patent pending algorithm uses cutting edge machine learning techniques to optimize patient outcomes for all patients.

Main Features

  • The old way of selecting and fitting a PAP mask does not work very well. The process is subjective, not data driven, highly variable, etc.
  • Nasal masks yield 90% better outcomes for patients who have problems with breathing through their mouth or have some/severe claustrophobia.
  • Nasal Pillow Masks yield 35% better outcomes for patients who have no nasal restrictions and no chronic congestion.
  • Yet more than 60% of patients receive a Full Face Mask!
  • The TherapistAssist™ software is a ground breaking solution that makes clinicians more efficient and more effective.

Primary Audience

  • Healthcare Industry
  • Patients with Sleep Apnea