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Alleyoop is Your Partner in Growth for Sales, Fundraising and Events

We help organizations maximize ROI through lead generation, relationship management, and event support. We are your on demand team! With over 10 years of experience, we’ve learned by doing and know the best practices to scale companies without the burden of unnecessary infrastructure. We’ve helped drive success for companies like Adobe, DiscoverOrg, Cleveland Golf, Vidyard, and Force Management.


  • Plug and play solutions that are an extension of your sales, marketing and fundraising efforts.
  • Cut through the noise of your competition with an account-based approach
  • Target your ideal clients and make a lasting connection for full lifecycle conversion

Main Features

  • Products and services to drive revenue for scaling fast growth startups & well-established brands.
  • Targeting clients to get then engaged and excited to join demos.
  • Engaging attendees with on-brand marketing content to drive high-quality registrations.
  • A digital demand generation program that creates both brand presence and meetings with pre-qualified prospects.
  • Target dream clients from a weekly list of warm potential clients that you can turn into a sale!

Primary Audience

  • Startups & Solution Providers
  • Nonprofits & NGOs
  • Foundations and Funders
  • National Brands