Skild - Easily Plan & Produce Transformative Innovation Challenges

By Skild
Skild offers the tools and expertise you’ll need to efficiently execute every aspect of your successful challenge experience. Our refined platform and ecosystem of services empower you to easily plan and produce transformative innovation challenge programs.


  • Easy and Intimate: You simply won’t need to hire a large staff or clock countless hours producing your program.
  • Effective: Pinpointing your target audience with our network of innovation influencers, crafting a message that evokes emotional response.
  • Enjoyable: our Success Team is dedicated to walking you through a seamless, painless process that can be actual fun.
  • Donor engagement
  • Employee engagement

Main Features

  • Skild is a turnkey solution that makes creating innovation challenge experiences easy, effective, and actually enjoyable.
  • Skild’s refined, customizable platform is the hub of our services, allowing us to run, monitor, and report every aspect of your challenge.
  • Skild provides challenged based crowdfunding and sourcing specific to your organizational goals.

Primary Audience

  • Nonprofits
  • Industries dependent on donor engagement
  • Industries dependent on employee commitment
  • Challenge Centered Industries