SonraiSecurity - A Platform For Securing Your Enterprise Cloud

We believe identity and data controls are central to securing your cloud. Your cloud is flooded with non-people identities, sprawling data, and imminent danger. It’s why Sonrai Dig, built on patented graphing technology, perfectly maps all possible access and activities. This is how you automatically enforce least privilege, monitor access to crown jewel data, and automate CSPM.


  • Sonrai Dig's CSPM to ensure conformance to GDPR, HIPAA, and other compliance mandates.
  • The platform allows customized monitoring and views for development, staging, or production workloads.
  • Dig provides safeguards in the form of code promotion blocks to help to ensure end-to-end security in public cloud platforms.

Main Features

  • Sonrai Security partners with Cloud Service Providers and leading tech vendors to help enterprises reduce risk across their public cloud.
  • Sonrai Dig de-risks your cloud by finding holes, helping you fix them, and preventing those problems from occurring in the first place.
  • Sonrai Dig continuously identifies and monitors every possible relationship between identities and data that exist inside your public cloud.
  • Uncover all identity and data relationships between people and non-people identities across multi-cloud accounts and 3rd-party data stores.

Primary Audience

  • Energy & Utility Industry
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Government Agencies
  • Financial Services Industry
  • Healthcare Industry