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Yoti Digital Identity Platform That Puts Your ID on Your Phone

By Yoti
Yoti is your digital identity. A global identity platform and app that puts your ID on your phone. It’s the simplest, safest, fastest way to prove your age or identity online and in person. We’re committed to doing things differently to other tech companies – like promising to never mine or sell your data; Yoti is designed so that we couldn’t even if we wanted to.


  • - Your personal details are encrypted into unreadable data that can only be unlocked by you and nobody else, not even us
  • - Prove your identify while protecting your information by sending only the details required to the businesses and people you trust
  • - Authenticate staff, suppliers or volunteers in a secure, private and scalable way with digital staff ID cards and health test credentials
  • - Security and ethics are at our core: HIPAA, B Corp, Safe Face Pledge, Responsible 100, ISO 27001, SOC2, you name it!

Main Features

  • - Prove your age online and at 12,000 convenience stores without revealing your whole identity
  • - Be confident that the people you meet online are who they say they are by connecting with other verified people
  • - Manage all your logins with a free password manager
  • - We have 15 patents granted or allowed and another 8 patents pending

Primary Audience

  • Private Companies
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Companies
  • Companies Requiring Health Test Credentials
  • Retailers Selling Age-Restricted Merchandise
  • Online Businesses