Transcendent - Visibility to Assets & Processes Anytime, Anywhere

World-class asset management, maintenance management, and capital planning solution for hotels and other guest-oriented properties. Transcendent, turn-key solutions developer for the telecommunications, lodging, and public utilities industries, provides access to customer, employee, and asset information beyond the traditional office.


  • Make sound financial decisions for your property by analyzing data and trends on your assets and preventive maintenance operations.
  • Speed up time to market while controlling costs with a flexible and scalable product cycle management solution.
  • Delivers real-time intelligence to optimize supply chain performance through quick correlation of data and organizational knowledge.
  • Correct order and item information eliminates costly business problems across the entire organization.
  • Built-in Lockout Tagout procedures keep your facilities management team safe and reduce liability.

Main Features

  • Real-time, detailed visibility into including inventory trends, stock on order and supplier on-time performance.
  • A full host of implementation and training services are available.
  • Insights tailored to unique supply chain views. For in-office and on-the-go.
  • Easily track and monitor your assets from a single dashboard, ensuring their optimal performance.
  • Complete control of your supply chain across your entire organization.

Primary Audience

  • Telecommunications Industry
  • Public Utilities Industry
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Government Agencies