Innovation Women Platform for Female Speakers

At Innovation Women, our mission is to help women succeed through speaking and media opportunities. Visibility = Opportunity! By connecting female subject matter experts to these opportunities, we offer a platform for speakers to build their brand, grow their business and advance their career.


  • No more “token woman”. Our goal is gender-balanced panels and equal visibility opportunities for women.
  • Innovation Women helps connect event managers to awesome speakers and experts who just happen to be women.
  • Innovation Women is a “visibility bureau,” shining a spotlight on professional women.

Main Features

  • Event managers get their own free accounts. They can post Calls for Speakers and connect directly to speakers to invite them to speak.
  • Tell your story. Share your passion. Public speaking helps you connect with more customers, potential partners, and funders.
  • Speakers pay only $100/year, a fraction of what a PR agency would cost or what a traditional bureau would take in speaker fees.

Primary Audience

  • Professional women looking for speaking engagements
  • Organizations looking for female speakers