Overjet - Transforming Dental Care Powered by AI

Overjet is designed to reduce costs and improve the quality of dental care. It uses artificial intelligence and analyzes dental data to determine what treatments are necessary for the patient, enabling patients to get improved dental care and empowers dental payers and providers to deliver the best patient care.


  • Enables efficient & accurate claim review and real-time payment integrity to ensure the right claim is paid at the right time & right amount
  • Helps providers manage and deliver high-quality care, automate administrative tasks, and identify key areas of practice growth.

Main Features

  • Overjet uses cutting-edge computer visions, data science and dental research to enable patient-focused and evidence-based care delivery.
  • Augment practice management software with intelligence to provide personalized high quality patient care and increase revenue.
  • Move from manual and inconsistent review to automated and efficient review of every claim to improve ROI.

Primary Audience

  • Dental Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Insurance Industry