DTEX - Employee-Focused Security & Management Platform

DTEX Systems helps hundreds of organizations worldwide better understand their workforce, protect their data and make human-centric operational investments. Its Workforce Cyber Intelligence platform brings together UEBA, endpoint DLP, digital forensics, employee monitoring and insider threat management in one scalable, cloud-native platform.


  • DTEX empowers you to easily see, understand and act on contextual intelligence using scoring frameworks.
  • Collect and aggregate user data to improve security, detect malware, and monitor employee engagement.

Main Features

  • DTEX offers the world’s first and only Workforce Cyber Intelligence Platform™, helping to assess workforce activity without invading privacy
  • proven to stop insider threats, prevent data loss, maximize software investments and protect your workforce, wherever they may be.
  • Our approach is based on learning from employee behavior, not spying on them.

Primary Audience

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Financial Services Industry
  • Pharma & Life Sciences
  • Tech Industry