Black Kite - A Cyber Risk Rating Platform Assessing Third Party Risks

Black Kite is the only cyber risk rating platform focused on alerting your business to third party risks. Black Kite’s cyber risk assessments deliver easy-to-understand letter grade ratings, with additional financial impact estimations and cross-correlated compliance metrics.


  • Black Kite converts highly technical terms into simple letter grades, calculated by defensible data.
  • Scale your third-party risk program with the largest global footprint of data that provides immediate insight into your cyber ecosystem.
  • Communicate risk throughout the organization with easy-to-understand letter grades calculated from 20 categories.
  • Trust your data that's sourced from commonly-used frameworks created by the MITRE corporation for scoring weaknesses consistently.
  • Measure risk in dollars and cents, using our Open FAIR™ model to estimate the financial loss in the case of a breach.

Main Features

  • Take control of third party risk with a quality platform that does the work for you.
  • Know which vendors pose the highest risk to your organization on a continuous and automated basis.
  • Black Kite follows and applies commonly-used frameworks for scoring software weaknesses in a consistent, flexible, and transparent manner.

Primary Audience

  • Data Security Industry
  • Any Organization Dealing with Third Party Platforms
  • Credit Union Industry
  • Insurance Industry