IssueVoter is an innovative, non-partisan online platform giving everyone a voice in our democracy by making civic engagement accessible, efficient, and impactful. The time between elections is when the work that impacts our lives gets done and you can have a say year-round. Track your representative's votes and bills, send your opinion directly to your rep, and act on the issues all in one place.


  • Voter Participation: Keeping voters informed all year on issues that matter most to them helps them see how legislation affects those issues
  • Transparency & Accountability: Track elected officials’ actions to increase transparency and accountability
  • Reduced Outside Influence: Reach your elected officials so that our representatives hear from more voters, not just lobbyists and big donors
  • Increased Knowledge: Helps voters share issues (the fact that a bill exists) without necessarily publicly sharing private opinions

Main Features

  • Track your representative's votes and bill outcomes
  • Send your opinion directly to your representatives in one-click
  • Act on the issues that matter most to you

Primary Audience

  • Voters and campaigners
  • Civic engagement organizations
  • Local governments
  • Government accountability organizations