Solution Provider


Terra Dotta

Terra Dotta translates to “Learned Earth.” For almost 20 years, we’ve delivered robust international education solutions to help institutions of all sizes prioritize the student experience, and create the next generation of global leaders.


  • Maintain compliance through streamlined workflows.
  • Expand program offerings and focus on enrollment, recruitment, and retention.
  • Provide administrator access to program and applicant info with a robust permission system.
  • Make it easy for incoming students and scholars to understand their requirements and upload documents.
  • Provide online orientation before departure and after arrival

Main Features

  • Improve international student recruitment and retention, enhance the applicant experience, and increase diversity on your home campus.
  • Expand global opportunities for your students with streamlined recruitment, reporting, and risk management capabilities.
  • Utilize real-time country intelligence to keep travelers safe and create institutional trust

Primary Audience

  • Educational Institutions
  • Foreign Exchange Program Partners
  • International Students