Opus Service Industry Training Tool

By Opus
ESLWorks is a modern training solution built for your workforce. Traditional training platforms don’t work for frontline workers. We’ve set out to change that with chat-based training technology. As your team trains, we engage your managers, and deliver insights back to you to drive better business decisions.


  • Interactive training coupled with great content on topics such as workplace safety, COVID-19 safety, food safety, operational English, etc.
  • Notifications send action items back to managers on the things that matter
  • Get real business insights
  • Access your insight dashboard to support strong business decisions
  • Up-skill your workforce at scale, increase productivity, and watch your employees grow

Main Features

  • Employees train on their mobile phones at the perfect time during their shift
  • Interactive training drills are fast, effective, and engaging
  • Drills are work-focused, multilingual, and accessible to everyone
  • Reduce manager admin time

Primary Audience

  • Service industry employers
  • Hospitality groups