MeetElise - Making Housing Economical and Accessible

At MeetElise, we’re using machine learning to address the underlying cause preventing significant advancements in rental housing: operational costs. By automating the leasing and management of apartment homes, we’re creating a new, low-cost operating model that allows for the development of new housing at scale.


  • Unlike a chatbot, which handle a small portion of leads to a website, MeetElise can handle leads/prospects that come in through any channel.
  • MeetElise makes sure prospects are answered fully, 24/7 and followed up with, leading to conversions from lead to lease well above average.
  • With MeetElise filling up your calendar with tours, human leasing agents can get out of their inboxes and work on higher value tasks.
  • Over 30% (and counting) of the nation's top 50 largest property management companies trust us with their renters' inquiries.

Main Features

  • MeetElise is modernizing apartment leasing/operations by using artificial intelligence to create an automated and self-service experience.
  • MeetElise is an AI leasing assistant who immediately responds to leads, schedules tours, and follows up to maximize closings.

Primary Audience

  • Real Estate Industry
  • Equal Opportunity Housing
  • PropTech Industry
  • Property Managers
  • Renters