Bites | Eat With Your Tribe

"Bites | Eat With Your Tribe" is a mobile app that connects eaters with cooks for farm-to-table meals. We seek to inspire, empower, and help eaters create meaningful human connections thru food centered experiences. We support sustainable urban food growers, offer cooking gigs (jobs), promote diversity and inclusion, explore world cuisines, encourage storytelling, and build resilient communities.


  • Cooking gigs (jobs) for homecooks, college students, culinary students, restaurant cooks & chefs, caterers, and independent eateries.
  • Eaters explore world cultures, cuisines, and stories through meaningful food-centered experiences they curate with cooks of all backgrounds.
  • Eaters can enjoy budget-conscious farm-to-table meals & experiences (no tip, no tax, no service charge, no delivery charge, and it's BYOB).
  • Support and visibility for sustainable urban food growers - Cooks and eaters can find and source ingredients directly from nearby growers.
  • Joyful, creative, meaningful, flexible work for cooks - they determine their own availability, cuisines, offerings, min charge, and prices.

Main Features

  • Farm-to-table meals & dining experiences that cost less than eating out (no tip, no tax, no service charge, no delivery charge, and BYOB).
  • Cooking gigs (jobs) for everyone with any cooking skills (college students, homecooks, chefs, and independent eateries)
  • 40 world cuisines represented -- select from drop-off meals, meal prep, in-home dining experiences, and interactive classroom lunches K-12.
  • Find nearby food growers on a map and source directly from them - urban farms, micro farms, co-ops, backyard gardens, and community gardens.
  • For each meal that a Student Eater orders from a Student Cook, we donate 100% of our own revenue to the school to grow food on campus.

Primary Audience

  • Eaters of all socio-economic levels
  • Cooks of all skill levels - from amateur to pro
  • Students -colleges, universities, and K-12
  • Commercial business offices looking for meal drop-off services
  • Urban farms, micro farms, co-ops, backyard gardens, community gardens