Innovative Methods to Control Hydraulic Properties of Enhanced Geot...

By Golden Field Office
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Amendment/modification 000001: The purposes of this modification are to update the following:1. Update Section I.B.“Topic Area” to add a formation temperature range requirement in the metric requirement statement.2. Update Section IV.C.i “Full Application Content Requirements” and Section IV.C.v “Statement of Project Objectives” to increase the page limit of the Statement of Project Objectives from five to seven pages. The focus of this FOA is the development and deployment of technologies and techniques that can affect the flow within the fracture network in the reservoir rather than controlling the flow into and out of the reservoir at the borehole. Successful projects would develop targeted and controllable reservoir fracture permeability modification systems that yield long-term effects but also a pathway to reverse the imparted effects. If the project permits, these technologies and techniques may be deployed in a small-scale field-testing site. Initial posting: The focus of th...

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