Head Start University Partnerships: Building the Evidence Base for...





The goal of these Head Start Partnership Grants is to develop the knowledge base regarding factors associated with Head Start (HS)/Early Head Start (EHS) workforce well-being and to complete rigorous evaluations of approaches expected to improve HS and/or EHS workforce well-being. The workforce to be examined is HS and/or EHS educational staff (e.g., teachers, assistant teachers). Proposed approaches should be feasible, sustainable, and replicable in HS and/or EHS settings. Well-being constructs proposed by applicants may include secondary trauma, autonomy, decision-making, self-efficacy, health/mental health, job-related stress, or work satisfaction. The targeted workforce well-being construct(s) should be linked in the literature to workforce retention, continuity of care, teacher-child interactions, or other markers associated with quality and child/family outcomes in ECE settings. Projects of interest to ACF will utilize an equity lens in their approach to this work. Projects wi...

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