The Livestock Conservancy Microgrants Program

By The Livestock Conservancy
Private Foundation
Residents and organizations of the U.S. working with livestock and poultry breeds listed on the Conservation Priority List. Support will be provided through this competitive program for a variety of farm-related operations, including, but not limited to, livestock, poultry, processing, milk, meat and egg production and sales, agri-tourism, wool milling, promotions and marketing.





For full consideration, applicants must: Work with livestock, poultry, or products from animals on The Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority List of heritage breeds, which can be viewed online at or in this newsletter. Complete the application, including a detailed plan for the use of the grant funds, a clear timeline for achieving proposed goals, a summary of how the project will impact both the breed and other producers, and a strategy for how you will evaluate success. Include two letters of recommendation from a professional relationship or educator. If the applicant is under 18, a letter of support from a parent or guardian is also required. These can be attached within the online application as a PDF, MS Word, or JPEG file. Letters may not be requested of or provided by current staff or board members of The Livestock Conservancy. Microgrant recipients are required to submit a written report on the use and impact of the microgrant funds within on

Social Impact Focus

  • Responsible farming and livestock handling. Fair treatment of Livestock. Improved agricultural practices.


  • Unrestricted

Thanks to the funder for their generosity.