Analysis of a Before-After Control-Impact (BACI) Wildlife Water Dev...

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Mojave National Preserve (MOJA) completed a Management Plan for Developed Water Sources and Environmental Assessment (NPS 2019). This plan, in part, is intended to lay the groundwork for management of Gladings gallinaceous guzzlers (Glading 1943) or Small Game Guzzlers (SGG) within existing laws and policies. Small game guzzlers are structures designed to intercept precipitation, funnel it to a large capacity storage tank and allow wildlife access to free-standing water throughout the year. SGGs, were installed throughout the Mojave Desert between 1948 and 1980 by volunteers with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). The objective was to increase and expand distribution of upland game birds, principally Gambel’s quail, cottontail rabbits and introduced chukar, to provide greater hunting opportunities. Despite such specific species management, many other species, including listed and at-risk species, use SGGs. Suggesting possible benefits for species beyond quail and...


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