FY 2021 Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund (CESCF) Tr...

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The principle objective of the Traditional Conservation Grant Program is to support the development and implementation of States’ programs to conserve and recover threated and endangered species under the Service’s jurisdiction. Financial assistance, provided in the form of grants, can be used to support projects that have direct conservation benefits for federally listed species, candidate and at-risk species, and recently delisted species. States may apply for funding to conduct work on federally-listed resident species that are included in the State’s cooperative agreement. States may also apply for funding to monitor candidate, at-risk, and recently delisted species. Candidate Species are those that the Service determined warrant listing as a threatened or endangered species, but the listing is precluded by other higher priority actions. For the purposes of this Notice of Funding Opportunity, we are considering certain “at-risk” species in addition to Candidate Species...


  • State governments

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