FY2021 SNAP Longitudinal Data

By Food and Nutrition Service
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SNAP Longitudinal Data Project: At a GlanceSection 17(n) of the Act allows States the option to participate in the SNAP LDP. Specifically, the SNAP LDP aims to enable research on participation in and the operation of SNAP; including participation in the program over time (duration) and across State lines. Key aspects of Section 17(n) of the Act include:• Setting aside $20 million in grant funding, available through fiscal year (FY) 2021. This funding is for State agencies interested in establishing longitudinal research databases with eligibility, benefit, and demographic information about SNAP households and individual members. Additionally, $5 million is available in grant funding for each FY thereafter;• Requiring unique identifiers to protect individual privacy and to enable comparison of participation data across States and over time;• Requesting SNAP data elements from States including: demographic characteristics, income and financial resources, employment status, household c...


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