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Hunger and Malnutrition in the US

UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2, Zero Hunger, aims to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030. Addressing food insecurity, undernourishment, and malnutrition will require addressing food waste, food deserts, and improving access to support systems like food stamps (SNAP), food banks and pantries, and school lunch programs. It also means ensuring our food production systems and agricultural practices are more productive, environmentally sustainable, and are resistant to the impacts of climate change and extreme weather.

The US has both a production and consumption problem when it comes to food. With over 35 million people facing food insecurity in the US, an estimated 35% of all food in the US goes unsold or uneaten each year – totaling over $400 billion.

Hunger in the US can be linked with a range of other issues, including poverty. Poverty is a leading cause of food insecurity, and disruptions in employment or a month of unexpected costs can push many families to decide between buying food or paying a bill. Our Interactive Report on Poverty in the US shows some key indicators as well as the organizations working to eradicate poverty.

Use the tool below to view hunger-related indicators nationally or by state, as well as an overview of the more than 25,200 nonprofit organizations that work on addressing related issues in the US. You can also discover 143 products and services in our Tech for Good Directory addressing malnutrition, food waste, food banks and other key areas of hunger.

Food Insecurity & Hunger in the US
Darker color means more food insecure children in a state. Click on any state to see details on this and all other indicators.
Households that
are food insecure
receiving Food
Stamps (SNAP)
Food Help
Ratio of
organizations to
food insecure
Children Living in Food Insecure Households
UN SDG 2 Nonprofit Landscape
(based on IRS forms 990 and 990EZ)
Annual Income
Avg. Income
Food, Agriculture & Nutrition
Annual Income
Avg. Income
Human Services
Annual Income
Avg. Income
Revenue sources for these organizations
Related Nonprofits
Below is a preview of the more than 25,000 organizations working on challenges related to hunger in the US. Click on any organization to see more details including its NTEE Code, EIN, Annual Revenue and Impact Area. Contact Us to license the full list of organizations.
No data available

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License a dataset of tax exempt organizations ranked by employees, income, assets, IT budget and other selected criteria. We provide name, address, NTEE code, website, revenues, expenses, income sources, focus area, UN SDG classification, and other dimensions for each organization.

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* These are food pantries, food banks, soup kitchens, and related organizations. The number is larger than the dataset in the Nonprofit Social Funding section of this report as not all these nonprofits filed digitally with the IRS.

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Other Sources:

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