United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #15
UN Sustainable Development Goal #15
UN SDG #15
Life on Land
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Wild Me builds open software and artificial intelligence for the conservation research community. Our solution, Wildbook, blends structured wildlife research with artificial intelligence, citizen science, and computer vision to speed population analysis and develop new insights to help fight extinction.

Brightseed enables a healthier future by illuminating and activating the connections between people and plants. Despite centuries of wisdom proving the critical roles plants play in supporting our health, the majority of active compounds in the plant kingdom remain unexplored. Our AI, Forager®, reveals powerful compounds hidden in nature and our team scientifically validates their impact.

Be always on with a Bushel-powered App, a subscription-based software powering apps for grain facilities. Each grain facility releases a unique app offered to their growers for free, keeping producers in touch with valuable account information like contracts and tickets.

Ecobot is used to successfully submit thousands of wetland determination forms to the USACE each month. The Ecobot platform and wetland delineation app cuts total workload time in half while facilitating more accurate reporting, saving the AEC and Environmental consulting industry millions of dollars a year.

The world’s top-performing companies are embracing sustainability to drive business results. We help them deliver on that promise. Working together towards net zero emissions.

Join a technology platform that directly connects buyers and farmers, designed to make every step of your journey more efficient and therefore more profitable.

Our EHS management software helps facility administrators and staff to simplify, organize, manage, and access critical EHS and compliance information anytime, from anywhere. Our software helps companies meet their EHS compliance and management challenges, including environmental analysis and reporting, and management of asbestos, lead, stormwater, confined spaces, regulatory compliance and more.

Eyasco is a system integration company specializing in low-power remote monitoring combined with telemetry and database technology to deliver information seamlessly in mission-critical situations.

Arable is the complete system that connects your decisions, plant insights, and weather observations to outcomes. Arable’s unique dataset, powerful agronomic models, and intuitive design help businesses across the agricultural spectrum optimize decisions, improve efficiency, and deliver sustainability. How can we help you?

We would like to make the world a better place with Visual AI. There are massive benefits to Chooch depending on the use case, from preventing fraud to decreasing medical mistakes, from increasing manufacturing quality to deepening our understanding of a changing world.

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