United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #16
UN Sustainable Development Goal #16
UN SDG #16
Peace, Justice, And Strong Institutions
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Composer is a place for educators to access the top citizenship education resources from around the world and integrate learning science into curriculum planning.

E-immigrate is an online immigration portal connecting immigrants to a trusted community network to provide resources for a pathway to legal permanent residency and US citizenship. The site is a mobile-friendly web app managed by Silicon Valley Community Foundation, as a private and encrypted portal connecting immigrants with trusted service providers.

Safer is a complete solution to help stop child sexual abuse material (CSAM) from spreading across your platform. Keeping you, your company, and your users, safer. By activating the technology ecosystem with simple and cost-effective integration, Safer seeks to arm companies with the right tools to eliminate CSAM from their platforms and defend children from sexual abuse.

Notifica helps immigrants prepare for a possible interaction with deportation agents, build their own Defense Network by adding family members, lawyers and local community groups, and send secure alerts just by pressing a button before the interaction.

We got your back, and our emergency arrest hotline is always available in case of arrest. Just one call to 1-833-3-GOODCALL alerts loved ones of the arrest and connects to a free lawyer. Getting in touch with a lawyer or relative after an arrest can play a pivotal role in helping avoid getting caught in the bail system. But police routinely confiscate cell phones. That's why there's Good Call.

Coworker is the leading global peer-based platform designed specifically to support workers of all kinds to spark true change in the workplace. Our team of advocacy experts and organizers back workers and groups alike by offering proven education and training, strategic support, research, data analysis, and a range of advocacy tools.

Nearly one in two Americans has a family member who has experienced incarceration. When a loved one is imprisoned, staying in touch is vital. Yet prison communications options remain prohibitively expensive. Our free communications alternatives will decouple prisons from profit and build community.

AllSides for Schools improves our democracy by helping students from middle school through college and beyond learn news literacy, how to use respectful dialogue and build critical thinking skills.

Think of Us is a systems change nonprofit that focuses on leveraging technology to upgrade the foster care system and its programs for better life outcomes for its youth. We are a SaaS, software as a service, which means we partner with our clients by providing staff time.

Verena is a personal security system for marginalized communities, protecting users before, during, and after hate crimes, abuse, bullying, and more. It's built with privacy and security in mind. All messages are sent through our servers, leaving no trace on our user's phone. All of their important details are saved and encrypted locally on your device.

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