Monitoring deforestation in the Amazon

Deforestation causes roughly one-fifth of global carbon emissions. Four years of rainforest deforestation is the equivalent to the carbon footprint of every air flight in the history of aviation up to the year 2025. Deforestation is a major source of species extinction: 70% of the earth’s land animals and plants live in forests.
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Reducing deforestation is an urgent environmental priority. Independent deforestation monitoring systems for the Amazon uses technical mapping, satellite imagery, direct observation and systematic collection of primary data surrounding natural resource use and conservation in the Amazon. There is now political pressure that those reports have generated, so Brazilian government has been forced to adopt tougher approaches to stop illegal deforestation, focusing on “hot spot” municipalities.

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Imazon, one of the most respected and innovative environmental research groups in the Amazon, is on the front line of that struggle. Imazon created the first independent deforestation monitoring system for the Brazilian Amazon.

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