Promoting female participation in science and technology

Despite recent efforts science and math are still male dominated subjects and professions. While some STEM majors have a one-to-one male-to-female ratio, physics, engineering and computer science (PECS) majors consistently have some of the largest gender imbalances among U.S. college majors - with about four men to every woman in the major.
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Engaging young women in school to participate in STEM related activities can help decrease the disparity we see in some fields of study later on in education and careers. Having female role models in these fields teaching and encouraging young girls can help them believe that this type of future is possible. This engagement and leadership can be virtual or in person, but with technology we have the opportunity of reaching more girls remotely than we have in the past.

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CyberMentor is an online mentoring programme in Germany designed to encourage girls to participate in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Students have an online, female mentor who serves as a role model and helps them pursue careers in these traditionally male-dominated environments. 

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