A Ranking of Gender Equality in the Workplace

Women have faced discrimination in the work place from the first moment they entered it. Some companies have done their best to diminish the wage gap and foster an environment that promotes workplace equality. Workers have a right to know which companies are leading the charge in breaking the glass ceiling and closing the gap.
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Nature and Context

Workers, male and female alike, want to know what kind of company they are currently or could be working for. Transparency about wage discrepancies, safe work environment, promoting habits, etc. should be available to the public to help gauge where companies could do better, and to also examine which businesses are leading the charge for gender equality.

Ideas Description

The Parity App measures gender bias in workspaces across the globe, evaluates companies based on their history to exclude women from leadership positions, records real data about sexual harassment in the workplace and also measures the responsiveness of the company towards incidents of bias and harassment reported over time. The app aims to help women to choose a new job wisely. They can also see real data about harassment incidents in companies, from offensive remarks to physical abuse.

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