Gaining transparency and insight into the lives of farm animals

Surveys reliably show that the American public cares deeply about farm animals and wants them to be protected from suffering. Additionally, the public believes that setting and enforcing clear label definitions and supporting farmers transitioning to more humane practices should be a government responsibility.
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Raising the standards of factory farms is good for the lives of the animals, the sustainability of the farms themselves, and our climate. Animal welfare is important, even to meat eaters. Three-fourths of consumers say that they would be likely to switch to meat, eggs and dairy products with labels that guarantee that the products came from farm animals who were raised according to higher animal welfare standards. This finding extends across demographics, including gender, age, and race.

Ideas Description

Audiovisual iAnimal is composed of 360 degree footage inside farms and slaughterhouses in the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain and Mexico. The project was designed specifically for virtual reality headsets. Through the lens of the headset, the viewer feels present in the lives of farmed pigs and gets the opportunity to witness the day-to-day realities of the animal agriculture industry. iAnimal is being made available to everyone through a virtual tour on its website and a 360 degree video on YouTube.

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