Helping migrants navigate complex immigration systems

Immigration is at the forefront of issues facing the U.S. with millions of new immigrants making their way to our country each year. The immigration process is extremely complicated, full of legal hoops, and technical hurdles. Helping immigrants work through the proper immigration channels provides the opportunities they need to be fully integrated in their communities.
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Over one billion people will migrate over the next five years and will have to navigate through expensive and complex immigration processes. Immigration can be a touchy subject, especially in countries that see a high influx of newcomers, and there is often political pressure to control the flow of immigration to protect resources. Immigrants, however, can make valuable contributions to society.

Ideas Description

Migreat helps migrants work through the proper immigration channels so that they can have the opportunities they need to be fully integrated in their communities. Migreat provides expert legal advice and tailored information to suit the needs of every individual. With the organization’s help, students can gain access to higher education, families can be reunited with their loved ones and each individual can apply to use their skills for gainful employment. For the first time migrants are being offered affordable and effective assistance on complex immigration regulations. Through a free, user-friendly online platform, Migreat uses an algorithm to create a customized to-do list of every step in the visa application process. They ensure that their users get accurate and up-to-date information for each unique situation.

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