Running projects to develop skills in youth and benefit the community

Many young people are denied employment opportunities because they lack work experience, the right connections or the confidence to articulate their skills. Providing projects that are community driven and involve youth in the solution can be a winning move for everyone.
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Nature and Context

Encouraging young people to plan, enact, and follow through with projects they are passionate about empowers them to create change in their community and demonstrate their skills to employers. Disadvantaged youth particularly can benefit from experiences where they can gain the skills they need for the workplace, as they may not thrive in traditional settings to take control of their future.

Ideas Description

Plan.Do is an app to help young people draw up, articulate, plan, and deliver social-action projects, making it quick and easy to drive change in their own communities and improve their employment prospects. Even the most disadvantaged young people can start their own project, pick up valuable skills in teamwork, organization and communication, and demonstrate their drive and determination to make things happen, via digital badges and other monitoring facilities built in.

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