Righting the Imbalance of Women in Tech

Did you know that only 17.5% of the tech workforce worldwide are women, and that they hold only 5% of leadership positions? This imbalance can have an impact on how gender inequalities and stereotypes are included in, and even reinforced by, digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. Yet, digital technologies have the potential to counter this effect, and support gender equality.
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Digital skills are essential for people’s economic, social and political interests as well as for their physical and psychological safety, yet women lack this kind of skill set at a rate much higher than men. This is true in developed and developing countries and communities, though it should be noted that racial, economic, and social disparities make the gender gap in tech know-how even more pronounced in minority groups. Technology must represent all: women and men from different backgrounds and with different experiences must be able to benefit from the digital world we are creating.

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