Protecting winter by addressing climate change

With climate change comes extreme weather. Hurricanes, typhoons and extremely hot weather are just a few side effects. Protecting our planet means ensuring winter sticks around, producing the precipitation we need to survive, and providing the entertainment millions depend on for sports, leisure, and career.
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Nature and Context

The livelihoods, jobs and the economic vitality of our mountain regions is dependent on people taking action to reduce the cause of climate change in all regions. Precious to many is snowy, wintery terrain that must be safeguarded for the wildlife and human elements that will undoubtedly be impacted by the extreme and declining winters to come.

Ideas Description

Internet Protect our Winters (POW) represents the global snow sports community. There are 23 million members of this community in the US alone. POW believes that it s time for us all to step up and take responsibility to save a season that fuels passions. POW is the environmental centre point of the global winter sports community, united towards a common goal of reducing climate change effects on sports and local economies.

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