End the killing of cats and dogs in shelters by 2025

More than 4,100 dogs and cats are still being killed every day in U.S. shelters. All across the country, thousands of pets are returned to shelters or simply abandoned because their human families don’t see them as the right fit. One way to address this problem? Use technology to prevent less-likely-to-succeed matches from happening in the first place.
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Nature and Context

Despite a surge in technology innovation, not much has happened in the way of applying these advances to solving the crisis thousands of animals who are in threat of being put down daily. Technology can be used to better match animals to quality homes, aid in veterinary care for stray injured animals, and make shelters work more efficiently which means they can provide for animals longer instead of putting them down.

Symptoms and Causes

The following five areas are where technology may be applied to improve the livelihood of abandoned and hurting animals:

  • Adoption

  • Fostering

  • Transporting pets

  • Rehoming pets

  • Keeping pets in their homes your content...

the impact
Success Metrics

Success will be answering these questions:

  • How can logistics software and models like Uber and Airbnb from the sharing economy (the term used for the sharing of services between individuals via the internet) be applied to animal welfare?

  • Can people be matched online with shelter pets who are ideal for them?

  • Can technology be used to transport rescued animals to adopters’ homes quickly and efficiently, regardless of geographic location?

  • Can veterinary issues be addressed in low-cost ways to prevent untold numbers of pets from being surrendered to shelters?

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